Thursday, April 25, 2013


Remembrance is a sequel to Anurag Kumar's Recalcitrance. We follow Chote Bhaiya as he moves on in pain of going away from Farheen. He accepts it as his fate, marries another woman and continues on his war for independence.

We're introduced to his muse Ulfat Jahan in Lucknow, who congratulates him for his bravery during the Great War and generates interest in Chote Bhaiya. He's gradually charmed by her and falls in love with her. But he's torn between being faithful to his wife and acknowledging his love for Ulfat Jahan. 

At the same time, he joins hands with Ahsanul Mulk and his team to assassinate Governor General. The plan goes kaput due to various reasons despite them being fully prepared and alert. Chote Bhaiya realizes how close he has come to death and this affects him psychologically. Also his grandmother's deteriorating health and his family situation influence him into assessing his future direction.

We also get to see how Farheen's life has changed after Chote Bhaiya leaves her and goes away. She's obliged to marry an old but well-to-do man, who eventually dies trying to retrieve his money from a debtor. She and her mother are again left to fend for themselves along with her 2 kids with her husband Ahmad Husain.

Remembrance is a smooth sequel to Recalcitrance, and gives us some more glimpses into how revolutionaries operated then and planned for attacks on Englishmen. It also comments on the social scenario then predominantly through incidents in Chote Bhaiya and Ulfat Jahan's lives and a few other situations like Narenderlal's father's illness and redistribution of land. Overall, an interesting plot with a simple narration. There are parts in the book where I was slightly confused as the context wasn't elaborate, but the flow of events compensates for it. Like I said for Recalcitrance, go for it if you love Indian history and would like to know how life and society was pre-independence.

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Sangita Ji thanks for very kindly reading and writing a review of my novel :-)