Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Another young man died in close family circle. As sudden and shocking as my brother. Left me quite shaken and unsettled. The thought that some people's lives change altogether for their entire life with something that happens in a second is somewhat unnerving to me.

An entire family loses direction and feels a loss of purpose for a long time when a young life departs. A couple lost their eldest son, siblings lost their eldest brother and a woman lost her very recently married husband. Life seems cruel at such instances, leaves me with a lot of questions. 

I've seen and been through a lot in the past 2 years and the best lesson I've learnt is to keep your grief to yourself. It hurts when someone belittles your feelings in an attempt to console you. Not everybody understands what is it that you've lost and why can't it be filled with anything/anyone else. After a lot of depression, rage and helplessness, I felt one thing - not everybody can share your grief. And then you go numb. Just numb.


Author said...
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Saiprasad said...

People usually tend to belittle other people's grief in an attempt to console and make them feel better. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The problem with grief inside us is that it expects equal response/reaction from everyone around us. When we don't, it only gets worse and leaves us more bitter than before.

I've stopped sharing my grief with others a long time ago and I think it worked well for me.

Sangeetha Kodithala said...

I'm glad you feel the same way as I do, Sai! I've stopped too, and it makes me feel better in the sense I deal with it alone without developing negative feelings or bitterness towards anybody because of their lack of empathy.